Why Creationism?

Many aspects of the doctrine of creation are not fundamental to the Christian faith. That God created the universe from nothing is an essential doctrine. That God created man in his image is an essential doctrine. However, there are many issues regarding creation that I do not believe are fundamental to the faith. So why am I creating this blog with a focus on creationism when there are more important issues on which I could focus?

The answer relates to the reasonableness of having faith in scripture. The Bible presents a test for prophets in Deuteronomy 18. If what they prophesy turns out to be false, then they do not speak for God, and they are to be put to death. This same test should be applied to the Bible itself. If anything in the Bible can definitively be demonstrated false, then the Bible is not the Word of God, and my faith is in vain.

Many people claim that there exists a fundamental conflict between the biblical account of creation and the record of nature. If this is indeed true, then either the Bible is unreliable or God has deliberately misled mankind by creating a false record. However, it could be that the conflict is not between the scriptures and the natural record but only between a certain interpretation of scripture and a certain interpretation of the natural record.

So in order to vindicate my faith, I must carefully examine the record of scripture, and I must carefully examine the record of nature. I must determine whether they truly contradict or whether one (or both) has been misinterpreted. The conclusion to which I have come through years of study is that the natural record does not contradict the biblical account of creation but that it is incompatible with certain aspects of the variety of creationism that I once held.

In this blog, I will examine logically various issues and arguments, both biblical and scientific, related to creationism. I will point out unsound arguments used by others in defense of their positions. Although I do have a certain perspective on creationism (as does everyone else as well), I will do my best to present all sides fairly and to logically determine which viewpoint is best supported by scripture and by science. It is my goal for my arguments to be both factually correct and logically valid. If I fail on either of these counts, please let me know.


3 thoughts on “Why Creationism?

  1. What about Adam and Eve? How do they fit in your view? If they were not historical, what about the fall and the entry of sin, and all those other essential doctrines?

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