About the Author

I was born and raised on the mission field. I was brought up as a nondenominational evangelical Christian and a young-earth creationist.

After graduating from high school, I attended a Christian college that taught the same variety of young-earth creationism with which I had been brought up. It was while I was at this college, however, that I began to see that there were some issues (particularly the distant starlight problem) that made it difficult for me to reconcile belief in a young universe with the record of nature. I solved this problem by inferring a gap between the first two verses of Genesis 1 while retaining a calendar-day interpretation of the chapter. With years of further study, however, I found that this view as well was difficult to reconcile with scientific evidence, and my perspective continued to evolve.

I hold a bachelor of arts in physics and a master of education. I taught high school science for nine years and currently work both as a contract author for Sapling Learning and as a homeschool dad. I am also a philomath.

My personal statement of faith is the 1689 London Baptist Confession, with the possible exception of a couple minor points.


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